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Approved Water Filtration

Why ProWest Filtration?

ProWest Filtration represents two of the primary water filtration systems that are officially approved by State Health Departments and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). ProWest Filtration has been in business in Colorado since 1978. The company started as Moore Engineering and became ProWest Filtration in 1999.

Lindsey Smith; Dennis Smith's daughter is the Business Operation Manager. Covering the inside sale department, accounts payable, accounts receivable and ordering. Slowly taking over the business full time as Dennis begins a slow retirement. Lindsey has been apprenticing with Dennis sense the beginning of 2017 to learn all aspects of selling, recommending and implementing drinking water filtration systems.

Dennis Smith is the President of the company. Dennis has over 40 years of experience selling, recommending and implementing drinking water filtration systems to municipalities and many drinking water systems across the Rocky Mountain region. Still an integral part of the company Dennis is learning how to retire, slowly. 



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